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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 631-658:
Constance pleads "not guilty"
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Man of Law's Tale
lines 659-679: Constance's innocence is proved

       This Alla kyng hath swich compassioun,
660As gentil herte is fulfild of pitee,
That from hise eyen ran the water doun.
"Now hastily do fecche a book," quod he,
"And if this knyght wol sweren how that she
This womman slow, yet wol we us avyse,
665Whom that we wole, that shal been oure justise."
       This King Alla has such compassion shown
660Since gentle heart is full of all pity,
That from his two eyes ran the tears right down.
"Now hastily go fetch a book," said he,
"And if this knight will swear that it was she
Who slew the woman, then will we make clear
665The judge we shall appoint the case to hear."

A Britoun book, written with Evaungiles,
Was fet, and on this book he swoor anoon
She gilty was, and in the meene-whiles
An hand hym smoot upon the nekke-boon,
670That doun he fil atones, as a stoon;
And bothe hise eyen broste out of his face,
In sighte of every body in that place.
A book of Gospels writ in British tongue
Was brought, and on this Book he swore anon
Her guilt; but then the people all among
A clenched hand smote him on the shoulder-bone,
670And down he fell, as stunned as by a stone,
And both his eyes burst forth out of his face
In sight of everybody in that place.

       A voys was herd in general audience,
And seyde, "Thou hast desclaundred, giltelees
675The doghter of hooly chirche in heigh presence,
Thus hastou doon, and yet holde I my pees."
Of this mervaille agast was al the prees,
As mazed folk they stoden everichone
For drede of wreche, save Custance allone.
       A voice was heard by all that audience,
Saying: "You have here slandered the guiltless
675Daughter of Holy Church, in high Presence;
Thus have you done, and further I'll not press."
Whereat were all the folk aghast, no less;
As men amazed they stand there, every one,
For fear of vengeance, except Constance alone.

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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 680-693:
The lying knight is executed, king Alla is converted to Christianity and Constance and the king are married