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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 659-679:
Constance's innocence is proved
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Man of Law's Tale
lines 680-693: The lying knight is executed, king Alla is converted to Christianity
and Constance and the king are married

680        Greet was the drede and eek the repentance
Of hem that hadden wronge suspecioun
Upon this sely innocent, Custance;
And for this miracle, in conclusioun,
And by Custances mediacioun,
685The kyng, and many another in that place,
Converted was, thanked be Cristes grace.
680       Great was the fear and, too, the repentance
Of those that held a wrong suspicion there
Against this simple innocent Constance;
And by this miracle so wondrous fair,
And by her mediation and her prayer,
685The king, with many another in that place,
Was there converted, thanks to Christ His grace!

       This false knyght was slayn for his untrouthe,
By juggement of Alla hastifly-
And yet Custance hadde of his deeth greet routhe-
690And after this Jesus, of His mercy,
Made Alla wedden ful solempnely
This hooly mayden, that is so bright and sheene,
And thus hath Crist ymaad Custance a queene.
       This lying knight was slain for his untruth,
By sentence of King Alla, hastily;
Yet Constance had upon his death great ruth.
690And after this, Jesus, of His mercy,
Caused Alla take in marriage, solemnly,
This holy maiden, so bright and serene,
And thus has Christ made fair Constance a queen.

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