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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 953-966:
The emperor of Rome learns about the conspiracy in Syria and sends a punitive expedition
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Man of Law's Tale
lines 967-987: On the way home to Rome, the expedition finds and rescues Constance's drifting ship

       This senatour repaireth with victorie
To Rome-ward saillynge ful roially,
And mette the ship dryvynge, as seith the storie,
970In which Custance sit ful pitously.
Nothyng ne knew he what she was, ne why
She was in swich array, ne she nyl seye
Of hire estaat, thogh that she sholde deye.
       This senator returned with victory
To Rome again, sailing right royally,
And found the drifting ship, so tells the story
970In which our Constance sat so piteously,
Nothing he knew of who she was, or why
She was in such a condition; nor would she say
Aught of herself, though she might die that day.

He bryngeth hire to Rome, and to his wyf
975He yaf hire, and hir yonge sone also,
And with the senatour she ladde hir lyf.
Thus kan oure Lady bryngen out of wo
Woful Custance, and many another mo.
And longe tyme dwelled she in that place,
980In hooly werkes evere, as was hir grace.
He took her into Rome, and to his wife
975Gave her in charge, and her young son also;
And in his house she lived awhile her life.
Thus can Our Lady bring from deepest woe
Most woeful Constance, aye and more, we know.
And for a long time dwelt she in that place,
980Engaged in God's good works, such was her grace.

The senatoures wyf hir aunte was,
But for all that she knew hir never the moore.
I wol no lenger tarien in this cas,
But to kyng Alla, which I spake of yoore,
985That wepeth for his wyf and siketh soore,
I wol retourne, and lete I wol Custance
Under the senatoures governance.
The senator's good wife her own aunt was,
Yet for all that she knew her never the more;
I will no longer tarry in this case,
But to King Alla, whom we left, of yore,
985Weeping for his lost wife and sighing sore.
I will return, and I will leave Constance
Under the senator's roof and governance.

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