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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 967-987:
On the way home to Rome, the expedition finds and rescues Constance's drifting ship
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Man of Law's Tale
lines 988-1001: King Alla goes on a pilgrimage to Rome

       Kyng Alla, which that hadde his mooder slayn,
Upon a day fil in swich repentance
990That, if I shortly tellen shal and playn,
To Rome he comth, to receyven his penance;
And putte hym in the popes ordinance
In heigh and logh, and Jesu Crist bisoghte
Foryeve hise wikked werkes that he wroghte.
       King Alla, who had had his mother slain,
Upon a day fell to such repentance,
990That, but to tell it briefly and be plain,
To Rome he came to pay his just penance
And put himself in the pope's ordinance,
In high and low; and Jesus Christ he sought
To pardon all the wicked deeds he'd wrought.

995        The fame anon thurgh Rome toun is born
How Alla kyng shal comen on pilgrymage,
By herbergeours that wenten hym biforn,
For which the Senatour, as was usage,
Rood hym agayns, and many of his lynage,
1000As wel to shewen his heighe magnificence
As to doon any kyng a reverence.
995       The news anon through all Rome town was borne,
How King Alla would come on pilgrimage,
By harbingers that unto him were sworn;
Whereat the senator, as was usage,
Rode out to him, with many of his lineage,
1000As well to show his own magnificence
As do to any king a reverence.

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From The Man of Law's Tale, lines 1002-1029:
King Alla unknowingly meets his own son