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From The Monk's Tale, lines 487-502:
De Petro Rege Ispannie
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Monk's Tale
lines 503-510: De Petro Rege de Cipro

De Petro Rege de Cipro

       O worthy Petro, kyng of Cipre, also,
That Alisandre wan by heigh maistrie,
505Ful many an hethen wroghtestow ful wo,
Of which thyne owene liges hadde envye,
And for no thyng but for thy chivalrie
They in thy bed han slayn thee by the morwe.
Thus kan Fortune hir wheel governe and gye,
510And out of joye brynge men to sorwe.
       O noble Peter, Cyprus' lord and king,
Which Alexander won by mastery,
505To many a heathen ruin did'st thou bring;
For this thy lords had so much jealousy,
That, for no crime save thy high chivalry,
All in thy bed they slew thee on a morrow.
And thus does Fortune's wheel turn treacherously
510And out of happiness bring men to sorrow.

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