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From The Pardoner's Tale, lines 425-463:
The three men meet a strange old man
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Pardoner's Tale
lines 464-473: The three men urge the old man to tell where to find Death

       "Nay, olde cherl, by God, thou shalt nat so,"
465Seyde this oother hasardour anon;
"Thou partest nat so lightly, by Seint John!
Thou spak right now of thilke traytour Deeth,
That in this contree alle oure freendes sleeth.
Have heer my trouthe, as thou art his espye,
470Telle where he is, or thou shalt it abye,
By God and by the hooly sacrament!
For soothly thou art oon of his assent
To sleen us yonge folk, thou false theef?"
       "Nay, ancient churl, by God it sha'n't be so,"
465Cried out this other hazarder, anon;
"You sha'n't depart so easily, by Saint John!
You spoke just now of that same traitor Death,
Who in this country stops our good friends' breath.
Hear my true word, since you are his own spy,
470Tell where he is or you shall rue it, aye
By God and by the holy Sacrament!
Indeed you must be, with this Death, intent
To slay all us young people, you false thief."

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