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From The Parson's Prologue, lines 22-60:
The Parson is willing to tell a tale in prose
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Parson's Prologue
lines 61-74: The Host asks the parson to tell his tale

       Upon this word we han assented soone,
For, as it seemed, it was for to doone,
To enden in som vertuous sentence,
And for to yeve hym space and audience;
65And bade oure Hoost he sholde to hym seye
That alle we to telle his tale hym preye.
       Oure Hoost hadde the wordes for us alle:
"Sire preest," quod he, "now faire yow bifalle!
Telleth," quod he, "youre meditacioun.
70But hasteth yow, the sonne wole adoun;
Beth fructuous, and that in litel space,
And to do wel God sende yow his grace!
Sey what yow list, and we wol gladly heere."
And with that word he seyde in this manere.
       After this saying, we have quickly assented
For, as it seemed, it was the best to do,
To end in some virtuous subject matter,
And to give him time and our attention
65And asked our Host he should to him say
That he to tell his tale we pray
       Our Host had the words for us all:
"Sir priest," said he, "now may good things come to you!
"Tell," said he, "your meditation
70But make haste; the sun will soon be down
Be fruitful, and that in little time.
And to do well God sends you his grave!
Say what you pleases, and we will gladly hear."
And with that word he told in this manner.

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