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From The Prioress's Tale, lines 134-154:
The boy's mother searches for him
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Prioress's Tale
lines 155-168: The dead boy is found

155        O grete God, that parfournest thy laude
By mouth of innocentz, lo, heer thy myght!
This gemme of chastite, this emeraude,
And eek of martirdom the ruby bright,
Ther he with throte ykorven lay upright,
160He Alma redemptoris gan to synge
So loude, that al the place gan to rynge.
155        O Thou great God, Who innocents hast called
To give you praise, now shown is thy great might!
This gem of chastity, this emerald,
Of martyrdom the ruby clear and bright,
Began, though slain and hidden there from sight,
160The Alma redemptoris loud to sing,
So clear that all the neighbourhood did ring.

       The cristene folk that thurgh the strete wente
In coomen, for to wondre upon this thyng,
And hastily they for the provost sente.
165He cam anon withouten tariyng,
And herieth Crist that is of hevene kyng,
And eek his mooder, honour of mankynde;
And after that, the Jewes leet he bynde.
       The Christian people that through the ghetto went
Came running for the wonder of this thing,
And hastily they for the provost sent;
165He also came without long tarrying,
And gave Christ thanks, Who is of Heaven King,
And, too, His Mother, honour of mankind;
And after that the Jews there did he bind.

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From The Prioress's Tale, lines 169-182:
The dead boy is brought to an abbey and the Jews are punished