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From The Prioress's Tale, lines 155-168:
The dead boy is found
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Prioress's Tale
lines 169-182: The dead boy is brought to an abbey and the Jews are punished

       This child, with pitous lamentacioun,
170Uptaken was, syngynge his song alway,
And with honour of greet processioun
They carien hym unto the nexte abbay;
His mooder swownynge by his beere lay,
Unnethe myghte the peple that was theere
175This newe Rachel brynge fro his beere.
       This child, with piteous lamentation, then
170Was taken up, singing his song alway;
And, honoured by a great concourse of men,
Carried within an abbey near, that day.
Swooning, his mother by the black bier lay,
Nor easily could people who were there
175This second Rachel carry from the bier.

       With torment and with shameful deeth echon
This provost dooth the Jewes for to sterve,
That of this mordre wiste, and that anon.
He nolde no swich cursednesse observe;
180"Yvele shal have that yvele wol deserve";
Therfore with wilde hors he dide hem drawe,
And after that he heng hem, by the lawe.
       With torture and with shameful death, each one,
The provost did these cursed Hebrews serve
Who of the murder knew, and that anon;
From justice to the villains he'd not swerve.
180"Evil shall have what evil does deserve."
And therefore, with wild horses, did he draw,
And after hang, their bodies, all by law.

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From The Prioress's Tale, lines 183-196:
The dead boy sings again and the abott asks how that is possible