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From The Prioress's Tale, lines 169-182:
The dead boy is brought to an abbey and the Jews are punished
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Prioress's Tale
lines 183-196: The dead boy sings again and the abott asks how that is possible

       Upon this beere ay lith this innocent
Biforn the chief auter, whil masse laste,
185And after that, the abbot with his covent
Han sped hem for to burien hym ful faste,
And whan they hooly water on hym caste,
Yet spak this child, whan spreynd was hooly water,
And song O Alma redemptoris mater!
       Upon the bier lay this poor innocent
Before the altar, while the mass did last,
185And after that the abbot and monks went
About the coffin for to close it fast;
But when the holy water they did cast,
Then spoke the child, at touch of holy water,
And sang, O Alma redemptoris mater!

190        This abbot, which that was an hooly man,
As monkes been - or elles oghte be -
This yonge child,to conjure he bigan,
And seyde, "O deere child, I halse thee,
In vertu of the hooly Trinitee,
195Tel me what is thy cause for to synge,
Sith that thy throte is kut to my semynge?"
190        This abbot, who was a right holy man,
As all monks are, or as they ought to be,
The dead young boy to conjure then began,
Saying: "O dear child, I do beg of thee,
By virtue of the Holy Trinity,
195Tell me how it can be that thou dost sing
After thy throat is cut, to all seeming?"

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From The Prioress's Tale, lines 197-217:
The dead boy explains his singing