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From The Canon's Yeoman's Tale, lines 197-265:
The yeoman names the objects and materials of the canon's craft
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Canon's Yeoman's Tale
lines 266-276: The four spritis and the seven bodies

       I wol yow telle, as was me taught also,
The foure spirites and the bodies sevene,
By ordre, as ofte I herde my lord hem nevene.
       The firste spirit quyksilver called is,
270The seconde orpyment, the thridde, ywis,
Sal armonyak, and the ferthe brymstoon.
The bodyes sevene eek, lo! hem heere anoon:
Sol gold is, and Luna silver we threpe,
Mars iren, Mercurie quyksilver we clepe,
275Saturnus leed, and Juppiter is tyn,
And Venus coper, by my fader kyn!
       I will tell you, as I was taught before,
The bodies seven and the spirits four,
In order, as my master named of yore.
       The first of spirits, then, quicksilver is,
270The second arsenic, the third, ywis,
Is sal ammoniac, the fourth brimstone.
The seven bodies I'll describe anon:
Sol, gold is, Luna's silver, as we see,
Mars iron, and quicksilver's Mercury,
275Saturn is lead, and Jupiter is tin,
And Venus copper, by my father's kin!

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