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From Troilus and Criseyde, Book III, lines 1583-1659:
Troilus thanks Pandarus for his concern
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Geoffrey Chaucer (1342 - 1400):
Troilus and Criseyde
Book III, lines 1660-1694: Troilus, Criseyde and happiness

1660This is o word for al: this Troilus
Was never ful to speke of this matere,
And for to preysen unto Pandarus
The bountee of his righte lady dere,
And Pandarus to thanke and maken chere.
1665This tale ay was span-newe to biginne,
Til that the night departed hem atwinne.

Sone after this, for that fortune it wolde,
Icomen was the blisful tyme swete,
That Troilus was warned that he sholde,
1670Ther he was erst, Criseyde his lady mete;
For which he felte his herte in Joye flete;
And feythfully gan alle the goddes herie;
And lat see now if that he can be merie.

And holden was the forme and al the wyse,
1675Of hir cominge, and eek of his also,
As it was erst, which nedeth nought devyse.
But playnly to the effect right for to go,
In Joye and suerte Pandarus hem two
Abedde broughte, whan that hem bothe leste,
1680And thus they ben in quiete and in reste.

Nought nedeth it to yow, syn they ben met,
To aske at me if that they blythe were;
For if it erst was wel, tho was it bet
A thousand fold, this nedeth not enquere.
1685Agon was every sorwe and every fere;
And bothe, ywis, they hadde, and so they wende,
As muche Joye as herte may comprende.

This is no litel thing of for to seye,
This passeth every wit for to devyse;
1690For ech of hem gan otheres lust obeye;
Felicitee, which that thise clerkes wyse
Commenden so, ne may not here suffyse.
This joye may not writen been with inke,
This passeth al that herte may bithinke.

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