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From Troilus and Criseyde, Book V, lines 1520-1631:
Troilus does not believe his sister and he exchanges letters with Criseyde
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Geoffrey Chaucer (1342 - 1400):
Troilus and Criseyde
Book V, lines 1632-1666: Troilus finds Criseyde's unfaithfullness proved

This Troilus this lettre thoughte al straunge,
Whan he it saugh, and sorwefully he sighte;
Him thoughte it lyk a kalendes of chaunge;
1635But fynally, he ful ne trowen mighte
That she ne wolde him holden that she highte;
For with ful yvel wil list him to leve
That loveth wel, in swich cas, though him greve.

But nathelees, men seyn that, at the laste,
1640For any thing, men shal the sothe see;
And swich a cas bitidde, and that as faste,
That Troilus wel understood that she
Nas not so kinde as that hir oughte be.
And fynally, he woot now, out of doute,
1645That al is lost that he hath been aboute.

Stood on a day in his malencolye
This Troilus, and in suspecioun
Of hir for whom he wende for to dye.
And so bifel, that through-out Troye toun,
1650As was the gyse, ybore was up and doun
A maner cote-armure, as seyth the storie,
Biforn Deiphebe, in signe of his victorie,

The whiche cote, as telleth Lollius,
Deiphebe it hadde yrent from Diomede
1655The same day; and whan this Troilus
It saugh, he gan to taken of it hede,
Avysing of the lengthe and of the brede,
And al the werk; but as he gan biholde,
Ful sodeynly his herte gan to colde,

1660As he that on the coler fond withinne
A broche, that he Criseyde yaf that morwe
That she from Troye moste nedes twynne,
In remembraunce of him and of his sorwe;
And she him leyde ayein hir feyth to borwe
1665To kepe it ay; but now, ful wel he wiste,
His lady nas no lenger on to triste.

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From Troilus and Criseyde, Book V, lines 1667-1722:
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