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From The Franklin's Tale, lines 53-94:
About love and marriage, freedom and bondage
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From The Canterbury Tales:
The Franklin's Tale
lines 95-105: The knight leaves his wife and goes on a campaign

95        Who koude telle, but he hadde wedded be,
The joye, the ese, and the prosperitee
That is bitwixe an housbonde and his wyf?
A yeer and moore lasted this blisful lyf,
Til that the knyght of which I speke of thus,
100That of Kayrrud was cleped Arveragus,
Shoop hym to goon, and dwelle a yeer or tweyne,
In Engelond, that cleped was eek Briteyne,
To seke in armes worshipe and honour-
For al his lust he sette in swich labour-
105And dwelled there two yeer, the book seith thus.
95        Who could relate, except those that wedded be,
The joy, the ease, and the prosperity
That are between a husband and a wife?
A year and more endured this blissful life,
Until the knight, of whom I've spoken thus,
100Who at Kayrrud was called Arviragus,
Arranged to go and dwell a year or twain
In England, which was then known as Britain,
To seek in arms renown and great honour;
For his desire was fixed in such labour;
105And there he lived two years, the book says thus.

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From The Franklin's Tale, lines 106-138:
Arviragus' wife Dorigen mourns after his departure