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The Canterbury Tales
Geoffrey Chaucer (1342 - 1400)

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Table of Contents

Fragment I (Group A)

General Prologue
    Side-by-side translation

The Knight's Tale
First Part (ll. 1-496)
Second Part (ll. 497-1022)
Third Part (ll. 1023-1624)
Fourth Part (ll. 1625-2250)
    Side-by-side translation

The Miller's Prologue (ll. 1-78)
The Miller's Tale (ll. 79-746)
    Side-by-side translation

The Reeve's Prologue (ll. 1-66)
The Reeve's Tale (ll. 67-470)
    Side-by-side translation

The Cook's Prologue (ll. 1-40)
The Cook's Tale (ll. 41-98)
    Side-by-side translation

Fragment II (Group B1)

The Man of Law's Introduction (ll. 1-98)
The Man of Law's Prologue (ll. 99-133)
The Man of Law's Tale

First Part (ll. 134-385)
Second Part (ll.386-875)
Third Part (ll. 876-1162)
The Man of Law's Epilogue (ll. 1163-1190)
    Side-by-side translation

Fragment III (Group D)

The Wife of Bath's Prologue (ll.1-862)
The Wife of Bath's Tale (ll. 863-1270)
    Side-by-side translation

The Friar's Prologue (ll. 1-36)
The Friar's Tale (ll. 37-400)
    Side-by-side translation

The Summoner's Prologue (ll. 1-44)
The Summoner's Tale (ll. 45-630)
    Side-by-side translation

Fragment IV (Group E)

The Clerk's Prologue (ll. 1-56)
The Clerk's Tale

First Part (ll. 57-196)
Second Part (ll. 197-448)
Third Part (ll. 449-609)
Fourth Part (ll. 610-784)
Fifth Part (ll. 785-938)
Sixth Part (ll. 939-1219)
    Side-by-side translation

The Merchant's Prologue (ll. 1-32)
The Merchant's Tale (ll. 33-1206)
The Merchant's Epilogue (ll. 1207-1228)
    Side-by-side translation

Fragment V (Group F)

The Squire's Introduction (ll. 1-8)
The Squire's Tale

First Part (ll. 9-346)
Second Part (ll. 347-670)
Third Part (ll. 671-708)
    Side-by-side translation

The Franklin's Prologue (ll. 1-20)
The Franklin's Tale (ll. 21-916)
    Side-by-side translation

Fragment VI (Group C)

The Physician's Tale
    Side-by-side translation

The Pardoner's Introduction (ll. 1-42)
The Pardoner's Prologue (ll. 43-176)
The Pardoner's Tale (ll. 177-682)
    Side-by-side translation

Fragment VII (Group B2)

The Shipman's Tale
    Side-by-side translation

The Prioress's Prologue (ll. 1-35)
The Prioress's Tale (ll. 36-238)
    Side-by-side translation

The Prologue of Sir Thopas (ll. 1-21)
The Tale of Sir Thopas (ll. 22-276)
    Side-by-side translation

The Tale of Melibee (§§ 1-25)
The Tale of Melibee (§§ 26-44)
The Tale of Melibee (§§ 45-71)
The Tale of Melibee (§§ 72-87)

The Monk's Prologue (ll. 1-102)
The Monk's Tale (ll. 103-878)
    Side-by-side translation

The Nun's Priest's Prologue (ll. 1-54)
The Nun's Priest's Tale (ll. 55-680)
The Nun's Priest's Epilogue (ll. 681-696)
    Side-by-side translation

Fragment VIII (Group G)

The Second Nun's Prologue (ll. 1-119)
The Second Nun's Tale (ll. 120-553)
    Side-by-side translation

The Canon's Yeoman's Prologue (ll. 1-166)
The Canon's Yeoman's Tale

First Part (ll. 167-418)
Second Part (ll. 419-928)
    Side-by-side translation

Fragment IX (Group H)

The Manciple's Prologue (ll. 1-104)
The Manciple's Tale (ll. 105-362)
    Side-by-side translation

Fragment X (Group I)

The Parson's Prologue (ll. 1-74)
The Parson's Tale

First Part (§§ 1-15)
Second Part, Beginning (§§ 16-23)
Seven deadly sins
     Pride (§§ 24-29)
     Envy (§§ 30-31)
     Wrath (§§ 32-54)
     Sloth (§§ 55-63)
     Avarice (§§ 64-70)
     Gluttony (§§ 71-74)
     Lust (§§ 75-84)
Second Part, Conclusion (§§ 85-91)
Third Part (§§ 92-102)

Chaucer's Retraction

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